Silly day!

I woke up to the cool, soothing breeze caressing my face. Overcast skies, leaves fluttering in the breeze and the sweet smell of the earth that has quenched her thirst assaulted my senses. Ah! If only I were a poet! Manipulaterix woke up on time and then asked me to wake her up “after 10 minutes” as she wanted to sleep “little more”. Perhaps the weather brings out the kind me. We laughed our way through morning chores and Manipulaterix quipped more than once, “You are silly, amma!”. The best part yet was walking to school – what a sight to see her gleefully jumping in puddles, her umbrella held askew and eyes as big as a doe’s, filled with excitement. And the peals of laughter when she exclaimed, “The rain is tickling my ankle bone. It is silly!”. Nothing that happened today was monumentally special, but today seems extra special. I hope we have many more silly days like today. And I wish you all too many of these beautifully silly days!