Chocolate Cake!

Baking a cake at home wasn’t as easy as it is today. I’m talking about those days when the microwave oven was starting to make an appearance in the market and ovens were not a natural part of a middle class household. So I was thrilled when my mother successfully baked a cake in the pressure cooker and poor thing, she was battered by my requests for a cooker baked chocolate cake. I would ask her about this every now and then. So would you imagine my delight when I saw a perfectly round, huge (by the cooker standards) chocolate cake when I came home from school one day.

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Girl not boy

Well, the neighbours have a new baby now (well not too new, he must be 5-6 months old). And guess what has been transpiring in the house as a direct consequence of visiting the baby a couple of months back? Manipulaterix wants a baby. She first wanted to know which shop sold babies! LOL! So I gave her a watered down version of where babies come from. And then the demands have continued on and off for the past couple of months. Last week the baby tried “talking” to her as she was off to school. And that prompted another demand. “I want a girl baby”. So this was the dialogue that ensued: Continue reading

Blow me down!

Blow me down! I just couldn’t believe my eyes this afternoon – I’ve finally found it! This is what I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Brilliant idea, what a concept, how absolutely earth shattering. What? You don’t know what this is? Fie on you! This is the clothes folder. It so beautifully and magically folds your clothes – just like they do in all the retail stores. After this folder folds your clothes, it will look so professional that you won’t have the heart to undo all that by wearing it. There is a tiny bit of inconvenience though Continue reading

What goes around….

You'll never learn, mom, will you?Manipulaterix is no more little – she’s grown really tall for her age. So during the “fun in bed” session before the “rush out the door in time” part of the day, she asked me to carry her. Brilliant me decided to excuse myself from the task thus – all in jest, I tried very hard to lift her but plopped unsuccessfully into bed. To boost my performance, I even told her “You’ve grown so big, it is very difficult for me to lift you any more!”. Clever? My foot! Because, Manipulaterix spake thus – “Go on, mom, try. Try and try again. You can do it!” ??!!

So beware of what you tell these little monsters – what goes around, comes around….. at the most inopportune moment!