About time

I’ve wondered too if I was gay – was I attracted to women? For a child growing up in a society where talking about sex still makes people uncomfortable, I knew early on what sex was. The reasons for that are a separate story. As it turns out, I am not gay like the majority of people. But unlike a lot of people, I am not threatened by people who are gay. I think the majority of people who treat others with contempt are insecure. The reasons for discrimination – being gay, being transgenders, belonging to another faith, having a different skin colour – are mere excuses. What people are trying to do is cover up their insecurities and in the process they make life hell for the other normal people. Abnormal are not those who are different but those who can’t just keep their long, poky noses out of others’ lives, including their sex lives! And not to mention the stereotypes! I don’t even want to start talking about them. I don’ think it can be said anyway better than this song here. I wish we could use our thought processes and tweak ourselves into accepting the differences. Celebrate them! It is about time there was freedom for everybody. Let’s pass on the value of acceptance to our children, not stereotypes. Let us pass on true equality, not differences.


Girl not boy

Well, the neighbours have a new baby now (well not too new, he must be 5-6 months old). And guess what has been transpiring in the house as a direct consequence of visiting the baby a couple of months back? Manipulaterix wants a baby. She first wanted to know which shop sold babies! LOL! So I gave her a watered down version of where babies come from. And then the demands have continued on and off for the past couple of months. Last week the baby tried “talking” to her as she was off to school. And that prompted another demand. “I want a girl baby”. So this was the dialogue that ensued: Continue reading

Blow me down!

Blow me down! I just couldn’t believe my eyes this afternoon – I’ve finally found it! This is what I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Brilliant idea, what a concept, how absolutely earth shattering. What? You don’t know what this is? Fie on you! This is the clothes folder. It so beautifully and magically folds your clothes – just like they do in all the retail stores. After this folder folds your clothes, it will look so professional that you won’t have the heart to undo all that by wearing it. There is a tiny bit of inconvenience though Continue reading

To You!

Beauty makes the world go round, till it is tizzy. Beautiful, handsome, good-looking – use anything you want. But beauty has always been and will always be a part of our psyche. Be it the ancient Mayans or the present day stalwarts of the beauty industry, beauty seems to garner as much importance now as it did then. And here, the beauty of it all is the definition for beauty. Oh how it has changed – from Cleopatra to the Rubenesque models to the present day portrayal of “perfect” women. I completely accept that humanity, in different periods of time, has different notions of what the “ultimate beauty” is. What is difficult to accept is trying to ram down the idea of what some think beauty is down the throats of others. I do not know if other civilisations tried to do that and if they did, what the end result was, but I know for sure that the modern civilisation is doing a pretty good job of that. Shove it in so hard, that you feel bad for the rest of your life. And in between all this, that video strokes a chord. Continue reading

Pigala pigala skunk

Pigala, pigala skunk, pigala, pigala skunk….. on and on goes the chant. It can get on the nerves, but surprisingly it doesn’t. I am marveling at the words she is making up. Her extensive vocabulary amazes me. She has very interesting questions – Why do we have day and night everyday? Where does the water in the fountain go? Why should we sleep at night and not in the day? Why is my birthday on this day and not any other? Who painted the sky blue? Why can’t I have a dog? Why should I take a bath when I have not wet the bed? Why are there no clouds today? And on and on. Very intelligent questions that are also manipulative at times. She seems so grown up already and she’s only 4. But then come moments like this, when she makes up new words or weaves her own stories. Of all her stories, I love the one about the moon. Continue reading

A for Anger

That thing seems to be pretty hard wired in me. Anger. No, it is not as if I am angry at everybody or at the world all the time. I smile a lot, I sing very happy songs, I even laugh at myself (well I learnt that). I get angry too. That in itself is not a bad thing – there can be positive anger, constructive anger. But not me. My anger is destructive – it destroys my peace, my family’s and spoils our day. If I get angry and I realise I am in the wrong, I immediately apologise. Have no qualms about that. It is the righteous anger that is the worst of its kind. The first time around, I try explaining very clearly, logically layout the issue, see if the other person understands what I am trying to say. When it doesn’t work out, Continue reading

What goes around….

You'll never learn, mom, will you?Manipulaterix is no more little – she’s grown really tall for her age. So during the “fun in bed” session before the “rush out the door in time” part of the day, she asked me to carry her. Brilliant me decided to excuse myself from the task thus – all in jest, I tried very hard to lift her but plopped unsuccessfully into bed. To boost my performance, I even told her “You’ve grown so big, it is very difficult for me to lift you any more!”. Clever? My foot! Because, Manipulaterix spake thus – “Go on, mom, try. Try and try again. You can do it!” ??!!

So beware of what you tell these little monsters – what goes around, comes around….. at the most inopportune moment!