Mirror, mirror on the wall…


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? So goes the question in one of the most popular children’s fairy tales. The evil queen in the story of the Sleeping Beauty went to so much of trouble to find out who is the fairest and to plot evil schemes to ensure she remained the fairest in the land. Had the poor thing known that a well structured framework was already in place to answer her question, she could have saved herself all that trouble. All she had to do was Continue reading


Welcome to the Klan!

As a nation, we look to the west for moving forward, for developing. It has always been the nations in the far west – the US of A and a few nations in Western Europe. But there have been two major flaws till now. First, we have not followed their footsteps exactly – which is why, even after more than 6 decades of freedom from being under the Queen’s thumb, we are still a developing country. Duh! Not to worry – this is being rectified as we speak. We have now realised the importance of all those history lessons and have decided to start from the beginning. Second, we have ignored a vast gulf of countries between us and the far western countries. What an oversight, which is costing us dearly!

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Chocolate Cake!

Baking a cake at home wasn’t as easy as it is today. I’m talking about those days when the microwave oven was starting to make an appearance in the market and ovens were not a natural part of a middle class household. So I was thrilled when my mother successfully baked a cake in the pressure cooker and poor thing, she was battered by my requests for a cooker baked chocolate cake. I would ask her about this every now and then. So would you imagine my delight when I saw a perfectly round, huge (by the cooker standards) chocolate cake when I came home from school one day.

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Hiatus is over!

A new job, a course of interest and other small nitty gritties and writing unfortunately took a backseat. I have been having this urge to write again, largely helped and encouraged by some wonderful new friends I have met. So I will look at a more realistic schedule for me – one post a week.

It has been 2 years since I wrote here – I have had some poignant moments in this time frame and of course some not so proud moments. I have lost a dear friend and made many new friends. I have moved on with respect to some of my past and embraced more of myself. I remember one of my friends saying the 30s are so much more enriching and it sure seems to be that way.

I am looking forward to being here and writing again 🙂

Silly day!

I woke up to the cool, soothing breeze caressing my face. Overcast skies, leaves fluttering in the breeze and the sweet smell of the earth that has quenched her thirst assaulted my senses. Ah! If only I were a poet! Manipulaterix woke up on time and then asked me to wake her up “after 10 minutes” as she wanted to sleep “little more”. Perhaps the weather brings out the kind me. We laughed our way through morning chores and Manipulaterix quipped more than once, “You are silly, amma!”. The best part yet was walking to school – what a sight to see her gleefully jumping in puddles, her umbrella held askew and eyes as big as a doe’s, filled with excitement. And the peals of laughter when she exclaimed, “The rain is tickling my ankle bone. It is silly!”. Nothing that happened today was monumentally special, but today seems extra special. I hope we have many more silly days like today. And I wish you all too many of these beautifully silly days!

Too hot!

The heat here is unbearable! It has turned my brain all mushy with not a single coherent thought in it. And that explains the lack of posts here. Not to mention a spot of extra work. I’m languishing here, begging the monsoon to start (it is at least a month away!) and surviving on cold buttermilk and buckets of ice cream. Off to get some more of that ice cream now. Tschüss!

The Dog and the Rat

So, my daughter made her very own story. She has tried to in the past, but those were all small ones – hardly 3 sentences or so. This time around, she narrated the entire story with puppets in front of an audience! Ask me to do the same thing tomorrow and it will give me the heebiejeebies! The story that I’ve written here is the one she told me – I have no idea what she actually said at the puppet show as it was in the summer camp. The next time I asked her to tell me the story so I could record it, she refused. So here is the story in her own words – I wrote them down as she said it.

The Dog and the Rat

Once upon a time there was a dog. He was very hungry and did not find any bone. Then he saw Continue reading