Welcome to the Klan!

As a nation, we look to the west for moving forward, for developing. It has always been the nations in the far west – the US of A and a few nations in Western Europe. But there have been two major flaws till now. First, we have not followed their footsteps exactly – which is why, even after more than 6 decades of freedom from being under the Queen’s thumb, we are still a developing country. Duh! Not to worry – this is being rectified as we speak. We have now realised the importance of all those history lessons and have decided to start from the beginning. Second, we have ignored a vast gulf of countries between us and the far western countries. What an oversight, which is costing us dearly!

Considering we have already let 6 decades go down the drain (the culprits and their descendants will be found and hanged, fear not) and time is money, we cannot afford to correct these mistakes one at a time. We will be progressive and correct both of them all at once. Yes we are finally starting to hit two birds with one stone. Take that, all you other sad developing nations. And how we start! We start by accepting the ideas of the gulf we ignored, by proclaiming our superiority – it only requires a change of the S word. After all, the 1976 amendment is fraught with questions and is subject to a lot of painful debates. So with a wise move, we will replace that S word, secularism, with supremacy. What a wonderful word! It announces our arrival in the global scenario as a supreme leader, has a regal tone to it and quashes any dissenting murmurs like an insect under the boots. Bravo!

And that now paves way to emulate the glorious 19th century and the period of the Klan. You see, we have tried everything – building factories, transitioning from manual labour to machine assisted ways of working efficiently, we even provide some of the best IT services. What we missed while we were caught up in all this is the clang of the Klan – which of course has displeased the gods! Alas! How could we, a god fearing nation, have let this happen? Better late than never, my people. And the more god fearing of our people have already attained enlightenment (naturally!). These wonderful people have started with a bang and so auspiciously to boot! They’ve lynched two men, killed one in the process, garnered attention for the just cause and all in the name of god. By thus protecting the name of god, they’ve rightfully earned the name of Supremacists! Aren’t we proud of them! More so because even in the most efficiently run corporate environment, not all the goals that are set out are ever attained at one go. What an optimised and efficient implementation of their plans! I am awestruck, aren’t you?

Hello world! What are you waiting for? Join the Klan. You will be welcomed with open arms. Of course, the motto is simple – lynch or get lynched. We believe in brevity, whether we believe in bravery or not. Spread the noble word, protect supremacy and please the gods. The dried up rivers will start flowing again as in the days of yore – either with water or with blood, there won’t be a food shortage – either the crops will be bountiful or the number of people to consume it will decrease, and more importantly, we will have the blessings of the right gods and thus become the rightful leaders of the world.


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