The Dog and the Rat

So, my daughter made her very own story. She has tried to in the past, but those were all small ones – hardly 3 sentences or so. This time around, she narrated the entire story with puppets in front of an audience! Ask me to do the same thing tomorrow and it will give me the heebiejeebies! The story that I’ve written here is the one she told me – I have no idea what she actually said at the puppet show as it was in the summer camp. The next time I asked her to tell me the story so I could record it, she refused. So here is the story in her own words – I wrote them down as she said it.

The Dog and the Rat

Once upon a time there was a dog. He was very hungry and did not find any bone. Then he saw a rat. He tried to catch the rat, the rat flew away with his wings. The dog also flew with his wings. The dog eat the rat. The rat was sad. After a while, a lion came. The lion saw it and eat the dog. Then came tiger. Tiger eat the lion. Then all the animals start eating all the other animals. After a while, mommy lion came there. She shouted “STOP! Stop eating other animals”! Then the baby lion came and roared “ROAR!”. Baby lion said “Stop!”. All animals stopped eating other animals. The animals come out of the stomach of other animals. Then all animals were happy. The End!

How did you like the story? I know there are grammatical errors, but she’s only 4. But I, for one, definitely know that if she continues in this line, she will become a very successful director known for her blockbuster films. I mean, look at the story there. There is a reason for the dog’s actions, there is magic, melodrama, a sense of the macabre, then justice in the form of the mommy and baby lions and then a happy ending. Won’t it appeal to all kinds of audiences? šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “The Dog and the Rat

  1. Vallikannu says:

    Akka …awesome….whether she ll become a director or not i don know…but she ll definitely be a very very nice and kind human being!! the very core idea to stop a havoc happening itself is awesome:-)

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