About time

I’ve wondered too if I was gay – was I attracted to women? For a child growing up in a society where talking about sex still makes people uncomfortable, I knew early on what sex was. The reasons for that are a separate story. As it turns out, I am not gay like the majority of people. But unlike a lot of people, I am not threatened by people who are gay. I think the majority of people who treat others with contempt are insecure. The reasons for discrimination – being gay, being transgenders, belonging to another faith, having a different skin colour – are mere excuses. What people are trying to do is cover up their insecurities and in the process they make life hell for the other normal people. Abnormal are not those who are different but those who can’t just keep their long, poky noses out of others’ lives, including their sex lives! And not to mention the stereotypes! I don’t even want to start talking about them. I don’ think it can be said anyway better than this song here. I wish we could use our thought processes and tweak ourselves into accepting the differences. Celebrate them! It is about time there was freedom for everybody. Let’s pass on the value of acceptance to our children, not stereotypes. Let us pass on true equality, not differences.


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