To You!

Beauty makes the world go round, till it is tizzy. Beautiful, handsome, good-looking – use anything you want. But beauty has always been and will always be a part of our psyche. Be it the ancient Mayans or the present day stalwarts of the beauty industry, beauty seems to garner as much importance now as it did then. And here, the beauty of it all is the definition for beauty. Oh how it has changed – from Cleopatra to the Rubenesque models to the present day portrayal of “perfect” women. I completely accept that humanity, in different periods of time, has different notions of what the “ultimate beauty” is. What is difficult to accept is trying to ram down the idea of what some think beauty is down the throats of others. I do not know if other civilisations tried to do that and if they did, what the end result was, but I know for sure that the modern civilisation is doing a pretty good job of that. Shove it in so hard, that you feel bad for the rest of your life. And in between all this, that video strokes a chord.

This video by Dove (it is a marketing campaign for beauty, yet!) so subtly drives home the point – every one is beautiful, and definitely much more than they think they are. Period. So let us each have our own concept of beauty. I am beautiful for me and you are beautiful according to you. If we agree with each other, great. If not, let us be polite and agree to disagree. Oh and let’s also agree to never make disparaging remarks on this topic. Like the lady in the video says, feeling good about yourself is a very critical aspect for everything you do. So why not feel good? We try so hard to make friends and family feel good about themselves, so let us extend the same courtesy to ourselves. After all, beauty is just a concept, an idea. And your idea can change your life. To you!


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