Pigala pigala skunk

Pigala, pigala skunk, pigala, pigala skunk….. on and on goes the chant. It can get on the nerves, but surprisingly it doesn’t. I am marveling at the words she is making up. Her extensive vocabulary amazes me. She has very interesting questions – Why do we have day and night everyday? Where does the water in the fountain go? Why should we sleep at night and not in the day? Why is my birthday on this day and not any other? Who painted the sky blue? Why can’t I have a dog? Why should I take a bath when I have not wet the bed? Why are there no clouds today? And on and on. Very intelligent questions that are also manipulative at times. She seems so grown up already and she’s only 4. But then come moments like this, when she makes up new words or weaves her own stories. Of all her stories, I love the one about the moon.

The moon, she says, loves playing around. The moon plays hide and seek with the clouds, says hello to the stars and then goes to school, just like her. But not just like that. There is a mommy moon up there. The mommy moon ensures the moon wakes up and brushes his teeth before he comes out in the sky. And then once moon has played a bit with the clouds, mommy moon helps moon eat and then takes him to school. After the day is over and the moon has played some more, mommy moon and moon go to sleep just before the sun wakes up. She reflects a lot of what happens with her and around her when she weaves the stories about the moon. And I see I have failed miserably in conveying the magic of the story here – she narrates so beautifully – emoting, acting it out, eyes sparkling, a veritable treat to the listener. The innocence bowls me over.

And then she sings, making up her own songs. Sometimes just to see me smile. And there are moments when she astonishes me with a very wise “It is ok, mom. Everything will be alright”. I will always wonder how she knows when I am really in the dumps and when I am just being cranky (no words of consolation in this case, mind you). She also knows how to make fun of me alright. Not to mention, try and push my buttons. And now she goes again, making a song out of the chant. A mischievous look that tries to ascertain if I am going to put an end to it or laugh at the silliness of it all. In all this madness, I am thankful that I have learned to savour such moments. And on that note, off I go to indulge in some “Pigala, pigala, skunk” soul cleansing ritual 😉 Go ahead and try it – for all you know the day might become happily silly! Mine just did.


2 thoughts on “Pigala pigala skunk

    • Oh come on! I will gladly agree that she has helped widen the horizon, but may I take credit for being this way? 🙂 (Well not always :D, but I did learn a long time back I think)

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