Sails Ahoy!

Sails Ahoy! This reminds me of fearless seamen  – and I have a high regard for them. Let me tell you why. Because I am shit scared of that vast expanse of water. I’ve been on a boat precisely twice in my life – once on a very beautiful, serene lake and once on a 15 minute journey in calm seas. And both times I have hung on to dear life while putting up a brave smile 😛 I’ve always wanted to enjoy the breeze instead and feel the calm of the gentle waves cradling the vessel in the sea. And that, friends, is my ultimate goal – to travel fearlessly by sea some day. I start the journey here, by starting to write about my dreams and nightmares, about memories pleasant and hideous, about any success and all my failures. Not to mention all the shades of grey in between. While you get the brickbats and the occasional bouquet ( I hope) ready for me, I will unfurl the sails and try and catch some wind.


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